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300 Physiology of Menstruation and Conception. [May,
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of Murphy is more easily applied, and the danger of merely
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lotion : R. Sodas biboracis, scruples j ; Ammonias sesquicarbonatis, scru-
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antiphlogistic treatment to attend carefully to the
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more obedience, than any other class of works. And all this, is
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Functions of Insects," we make the following quotation from Draper's
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present time (1857), on general therapeutics and materia
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" vital power y ' elsewhere so conveniently applied to cloak
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ismal sac itself was thin and in some places translucent, and full
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severe hemorrhage, with great benefit. Dr. P. commonly employs a sponge
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phy, of Chicago, on Surgery, and by Dr. J. V. Shoemaker, of
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tion and chylifl cation, can be again appropriated to nutrition,
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say that the loss of twenty ounces of blood cured the inflam-
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disease about two years. On exposing the joint, the disease was found to
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tion, and to the capillaries of the pulmonary artery, as before ex-
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a portion of the cheek, in instantly and repeatedly allaying dread-
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brain giving rise to voluptuous dreams, during which the seminal
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as we could judge, the ' Independent " has never come out second best
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cervix short ; uterus much enlarged. The uterine sound would
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great depths. Thermal waters vary much in temperature,,
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Case I. J. T. C, Esq., a farmer residing in Cherokee county,
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hesion between them, thereby causing the uterine discharges to pass