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After treatment. Three or four days after tenotomy commence to extend

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sarily confront veterinary sanitary control work in a Territory like

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wool and starch bandage stimulating liniments ice cold lotions or in

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do away with this vice myotomy of the coccygeal depressors wais

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port Hospital and on the courtsey staff at St. Viti

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Deutsch with regard to typhoid fever. During the process of

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papers who have been recommending owners to keep tuberculous cows and

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Whereas Divine Providence has seen fit to remove from the midst of

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at least once. The annual meeting is held in Philadelphia. Secre

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made upon living animals and Jenner s discovery of vaccination

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cavity and five minims into the tissue of the right testicle. The

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announced that in 1849 he had found in the blood of cattle af

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does not rise with the food to assist digestion the animal suffers

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the West for the remains of the primeval horse and agents of that

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with its approval or disapproval. We pointed out one serious

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test is harmless. But of course there is another side to this too.

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not be found in the blood but this blood inoculated into two

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on the type and severity of infection. Unless otherwise

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Bacteriology is the natural history of the lowest plants on the

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No widespread epidemics among animals has visited our country during

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full affiliation with the State Association. The State Association congratu

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have demonstrated 1 That glycosuria may result from crushing

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tribute of character that is attained by education practical

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were very generally practised. Nowadays the owner of live stock requires

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origin of the offending organisms. Are the differences which have

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This is a disease with which we are more or less familiar especially

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has a wide range of adaptability as a pathogenic agent. Hence

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However whatever the object of the consultation no rival

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tryponosoma Theileri. This parasite which is peculiar to

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between the coronary arteries produced by application of in

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interests of our readers and as space permits. Books are

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atlo axial region. See Spinal Meningitis Fracture Hsemorrhage amp c.

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arc absent. More common in males than in females. Symptoms The

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lachrymal hinge. The tips of the fang describing part of a circle

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Mathis has treated mange in the sheep with essence of lavender

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medical schools. We w ill need special projects for

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ment was partially a result of a great percentage of

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This distinguished veterinarian died of a complication of dis

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joint so that the front part of the joint was nearly touching the

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Calculi of the pineal gland. No phenomena announce their

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is tolerated and without any feverish reaction. The injections are

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the pupils are better informed. Nevertheless 76 per

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the economy exercised thereby. Germany has sixty four sanatoria and it

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Into the State was the subject of a paper before the Louisiana

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H mopneumothorax from Injury to the Ribs. Darrow re

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Parker reports that in December 1899 Steddom investigated

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such as in certain adults and older children and then

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When very large they may press upon the diaphragm midriJF

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for an hour. Her owner drove her home the same day a distance

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form and these being much more resistant to external destruc

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affected and there be much local obstruction to bfeathing tracheotonw

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by the company s veterinary surgeons from whose decision upon

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rounding structures diffuse aneurism. 3. In extremely exceptional cases a

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ud talks ramblingly and incoherently there being a kind of

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of the brain show morphological dilleientiation and some

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disuse it will surely dry up and waste away contraction thrush

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