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afforded by the passage of tubes up the bowel is absolutely

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Indeed, the sodium chloride method of preparation is quite iuefticacious.

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present system was founded mainly on two things : (1) The

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of the body may also give rise to a similar train of phenomena closely

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mistake — whooping-cough, scarlatina, diphtheria, measles —

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control guinea-pigs in eight to twelve hours. I have made a

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9 crains, and then proceeded to remove all the prostate which projected

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been i-evaccinated on the occurrence of the disease in the house, but the

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tional case was when we used a peptone solution that had

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membared that gummatous osteomyelitis showed no local

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50. Dr. Longhi was awarded a gold medal by the Accademia

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petition are being arranged by Brigade-Surgeon-Lieuteuaut-Colonel Par-

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ing tiie fluctuations in prevalence of epidemic diseases, it is

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anterior nares in cases in which obstruction of these regions

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country home she still finds much to be done for the cot-

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ing to my observations, falls from 10 or 20 to 14 or 15 at least,

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from a man, aged 27, who had presented doubtful signs of

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tation ; breathing was very deficient in the lower portion of the lung.

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with an ingenious service of boiling water, and every pro-

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by the physicists, that notion of the vital force, the half

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21st entertained at dinner and presented with a silver ancient

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there granules in the fourtli, v-ntric'le : 5 ounces of flaky flui^'

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a drop of blood taken from the heart of the rabbit died in less

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this point abundantly clear by relating the subsequent his-

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another method, be obtained without this physical charac-

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miles a day. The one from Baffin's Bay flows along the

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She did not notice that the prolapse got any worse (although she had

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and communicating with the stomach through a ragged hole three