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chiefly because of the short incubation period five days and the

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Dr. Walrod said he thought Dr. Scott s case might be one of

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erythrolrlasts as well as many metamyelocytes and myelocytes.

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the dangers of recumbency and of institutionalisation all my patients are care

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early period in the human family even in the days of Apollo and

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transiently in the circulation within 30 min. it is

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but is generally a morbid state resulting from many exhausting morbid pro

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the owners. True you may encounter cases in which the lesions

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most ill advised and mischievous announcement. Modem Medi

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illy scooped out. Enemata may be used for the purpose of

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should spare no effort in making this fact patent to those concerned before

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compliance was when an interval of over seven tlays

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sleep forbid severe muscular exertion clothing loose about the neck mus

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L. A. Klein reports as follows upon the treatment he pursued

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that she did not really feel much better. In December

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a double blind study of corticosteroid snuff treat

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rhagic septicaemia has in the past been very frequently diagnosed

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intestinal tract decomposing fermenting generating gases and

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from Holmes abbreviated i. Is there transverse fracture of humerus

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JHOLECTSTOTOMY The gall bladder has been excised by Marion

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scope of biochemistry is discussed with brief reference to

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Cholera infantum has been contracted by drinking milk con

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entertain the veterinary hosts at this Mecca by the sea. The

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his habit of thought and experience. The triumphs of steam and

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able results although the influence of the large amount of sugar

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training in areas of special interest. Psychoanalytic

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be granted parchments when their preliminary counts are obtained

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lation of parasites. British Medical Journal March 1 1902

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case of lymphangitis But I thought not. I continued my

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their normal volume they were by no means atrophic to

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During the year ending October 1 1902 the number of horses

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ate artery from vein pass needle from within outwards the higher up the

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feet by the aid of a sling and treated with vermifuges and tonics

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the above name. Most of these members of the profession are from the

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these r ions the usual delicate trabecule of connective tissue and

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Delegates to the New York State Veterinary Medical Society.

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activity while in callus there is gradual progressive

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The writer thinks he has seen this disease in both Iowa and

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cally in selective patients. The initial experience

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which ended a very successful and enjoyable meeting.

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bof wine or brandy may be necessary to support the patient under his

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Causes. The anatomical arrangement of the uterus in the cow

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omnivora and herbivora. Various cases of infection from man to

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excited by the feeders has a nutritious and beneficial effect and

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known to favor infection. Owing to the instructions which have

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signals and tropic interactions. Relation of the emerging

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Veterinary Society in continuing to condone this the most flagrant act of

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ration manifest themselves the fomentations should be changed for poul

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score one encounters many obstacles. If one could be assured that

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is preserved it being stretched parchment like over the infiltrated

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should be received one month prior to the expected date

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ne tnie skin slightly red in color and attended with severe pain and

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able to it with the production of characteristic lesions and in two

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eases. All of the elements of the health care system

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submitted. Connnecticut Medicine will bear the cost of

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