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The following is a reliable mixture, which I have often

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therefore, sooner or later, lose, with the theory itself, the

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Oxymel of Squills, Compound Tincture of Camphor and Syrup of Tolu,

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Three cases showed blindness. In one, it was temporary, involving both eyes ;

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rectly to the excessive use of tobacco, resulting in

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Thus we have seen from the earlier observations of Boutroux and

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Mr. Harmer : I have just completed the treatment of a case like this.

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through it Now if, &ough any cause, the spleen relaxes^

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nasal bones, then with an elevator a bed was made under the skin for the

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may have originated in a tropical lichen ; but while

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r the hand placed over the praeconiia. The patient, however,

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it were well to do that first, but it should be remem-

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the relation of stimulants to narcotics, and also shows

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the patient during these five years. But there are other

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nianzutto (G.) TJeber spoutane Glaskiirperblutungen.

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Immunitat, niit specieller Berilcksichtiguns der Typhus

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ing, he adds, may give rise to considerable embarrassment,

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spine." Bouchet, Continot, Matuszynski, Gaynard, and Barillier say

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he had felt at the announcement in the public press referred

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injury, I congratulated him on having saved a useful finger and

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The True Function of the State Medical Examining-Board.

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qualification shall not be required of any of the members originally composing the Council.

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has been designated also "black fever," " cerebro-spinal

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the more comfortable the room will be; but if the weather outside is

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cococDi~^N-h-i~-t^-r--r~-r^-r^-ooooooooOT-T--r--i-'^T-i— t-t-cmcmcmcmcmcm

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with which a sound of constant intensity may be produced by allowing

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was the seat of fibrillary tremor; its electro-contractility was diminished;

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Whisky, Irish or Scotch.— Take 40 gals, proof spirits,

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small orange to a man's fist. In most of these cases the

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then cools the entire body and even the blood. In this

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to confirm Virchow's notion that they originated in the appen-

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recumbent and left lateral posture, the writer can only express

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either by approval of the county medical society or