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rheumatism, and our entire inability to foresee when this may
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portion ; for, though sometimes less, it is often more.
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the capillaries. This deserves to be especially emphasized since some
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attempt to disentangle the reticulated syntax of " Butler's
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treatment was found to protect guinea-pigs when in-
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phologia), and coma vigil (the eyes are open, but the patient
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years in the heart of Milwaukee. Excellent referrals;
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of gauze left in the lower angle of the wound. This
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oldest 73 years. The mortality among the 128 cases was 76%.
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set to work in another parish, at distances of from thirty to
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record of appendicitis during pregnancy." Now, I am
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cholangitis which, together with infection, renders this compli-
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they contributed materially to advance our knowledge in
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years. Brit. M. J., Loud., 1895, i, 1439.— Feldmann (M.)
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upon microscopic examination. Extensive areas showed cloudy
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shuddering; incessant tossing about, or moving from place to placf"; general
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ments be satisfied '.] FJirb. v. helsov.-fdren. i .Stockholm,
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the cases already mentioned, there is mentioned by Gottstein, from
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had long been treated by all known methods, came to
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Plague in Rats. — It is now known that rats are more or less respon-
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Medical Corps of the United States Army, to fill existing
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medical dictionary has just been published in Tokio. It
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CJiest. — The heart is normal in every respect. Aorta smooth and free
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chanic, lying next to him, were attacked by the disease. After these pa-
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man within the breast,' and listening reverently, but
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cular injection, and their cavities were perfectly fiUed with white
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Special precautions are to be taken, or the treatment is to be indefinitely
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cations, not to speak of the legion of pessaries which