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neighi>orhood of the city with a view to finding a fur-
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Professor Duns knew Sir James intimately, and was his warm
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the month of September, was yellow fever 114, other
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in this work of the small-pox epidemic, as seen by Sir Thomas Watson
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prove that the Law of Anticipation is one method by which Nature
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introduced by Garrod as a remedy which promised to be especially valu-
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tered in the vaccination report ; and there is no doubt that these
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to the infant for six weeks after birth (Table 3). Al-
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arm to another. I am sorry to say — and I cannot account for it
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President of the Privy Council, His Grace the Duke of Rich-
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these states the conditions, while vastly better than in the
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any determining cause, she was taken with a severe con-
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worth £100 to the good of the town : four hundred medical students
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usual structure; in fact, strictly speaking, they were not tubercles at all-
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advertises his confinement cases in the secular press after they have
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dividual animal has something peculiar in its organisation
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iodine, 1 per cent, solution, nearly all the cells will
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iV belly, the uiTecied area being prominent, with an obliteration of the natural
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have been commenced on a "stock" vaccine and have shown no improve-
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of the organic actions are always accompanied Ly alterations of
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it has given a surprising impulse to successful practice, and
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Major Parke, of Stanley celebrity, and S. D. Darbishire, M.D., Oxford, who
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In illustration of the value of the remedy some cases are
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considered both to be evidences of spore formation, but the unstained
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variable result. To-day the common outlet for these
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thinks that their error is not over one diopter, and that Dondera'
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heater, so that the cyanosis is but moderate and limited to the nose and
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GiuHa. When uew they are teutatively advauced to promote disciiMioii —
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during which the process takes place, whereby their
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tion, into every consulting-room of the world where medicine is
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