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case 6f complication is not quite clear, and in case 34 it was only
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currence of the paroxysms, if it be omitted, or continued in inefficient
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the attached end was tapering, penetrated the basement membrane,
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parts, as Bright's disease of the kidney, and various lesions of the heart and
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any particular source of suffering or trouble. I have known such a state
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paves the way for baldness, we had better discuss that
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pounds. It does not in the least affect the general health.
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health is, that it proceeds without consciousness. He whose brain
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a lymph-like serosity, and are surrounded by a light red areola; and a most re-
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region ; in others a foreign body, a piece out of a grain of shot, was
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brain pinkish. 5vj of clear serum at the base of the skull. £ight
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because their vitality is strong, their body heat ample,
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a misceUaneoos character, some of them showing the resem-
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statement: "Every cold in the head or other communi-
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tive Secretary, 504 Doctors Building, Nashville 3, Tenn.
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repulsion of active idea. . . . The deep basis of all mental action
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more than one instance I traced this condition to the persevering application to
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For details contact Ralph H. Shilling, M.D., Presi-
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tothoseinduced by other agencies, as, for instance, fibrous hepatitis.
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passage of the curved extremity of a canula, from the bladder
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irido-cyclitis. The vitreous humour generally remains intact ; and
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ten grains repeated in 4 hours in one case; five grains morning, noon, and
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Dr. Finsen gives detailed reports^ in order to show that the
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with violent choreic convulsions, affecting chiefly the upper limbs.
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single incision through the skin over it, which will no longer be likely to excite
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tion of fatal diseases at the present day, and so far as the metropolis is con-
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state, and in the others the diagnosis may be made by the intro-
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ravages of the disease^ the cause of which is not known. An
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experience of it as a local application. He has employed it in
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between chorea and other so-called neuroses. For example^ Dr.
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stance. There are also chemical tests by which the blood
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troduction, which is devoted to a sketch of the history of Medical Jurisprudence,
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preference, the fundus of the organ,, where muscular fibres are
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advantages of this substance, which hardens moreover promptly enough, were
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