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plication of this fact, supposing it to be a fact, will bo seen directly.

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membrance, viz, : that the cold water should never be applied

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lacteals and the thoracic duct ; but I cannot help expressing

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of cold on Coxsackie virus infection that you described required

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and new medicines belonging to them ; and these latter, along

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motion to health is shewn in the very construction of the

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or organ, to disjilace disease previously existing in that part or orgoo^or

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the bowels, even vomiting or tenesmus, and will sometimes caoso pais

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over many cases of palsy, experience soon demonstrated that there were

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when the secretory function is deficient, or wholly suspended, in con-

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of friction ; and that he would recollect what Fuller says,

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corners. Manufacturing houses are frequently warmed by

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the circulation and respiration corresponds with this view. In active

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sobriety and cleanliness — seeking the open and free air dur-

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this be called a secondary infection? If infection implies any