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tion made personal visits to each of the 155 medical
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not only in a masked form but also in organic combination that
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cles tends to retain the glandular form it is termed an adenoma
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thought was induced by foulness of the sheath. As a result the
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plegia was to be considered the left vagus and recurrent were
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prolific as that which is extant to day on rabies and hydrophobia
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siderable flow of foamy saliva. Every few minutes the would
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ethoxyquin in the hepatic circidation. Interestingly
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accumulation of detail and data beside important daily correspondence
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other and it is only when standing still and square that the two
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bacon and hams or nearly one third the exports of this country.
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the beginning of the Christian Era. The horse was an indispensable
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ception of their patients antacid intake rather than
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of the ulcers on the intestines and other lesions most prominent
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uterus and I did think of a pelvic abscess but could not locate
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although the dressing is repeated two or three times. In 1500
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In street cars theatres and all public buildings persons with
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chief measures which have been tried are transfusion inhalation of oxygen
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concentration of a persistent insecticide. Science 156 821
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examined the above account of the Treasurer and Uiat we find it correct
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metal poisoning as well as deficiency in relation to
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that in the abdominal form of tuberculosis polyuria is a diagnostic
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Adverse Reactions Drowsiness excessive dryness of nose throat or mouth nervousness
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abroad. However both reports and rellections depend basically if not entirely
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tion the other symptoms that occur are additional phenomena depending
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Whereas The American Veterinary Medical Association at its annual
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self cure while in other cases it suddenly becomes virulent and
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ditions in which straining should be avoided. The drug
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hydrophobia the State will reimburse the owner for his losses out of the
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anthrax was still a very indefinite quantity. By a reference to
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of health. The amount of physical suffering and death in man due
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now been received for an internshij program and for residency programs in
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United States has not yet decided to kill them the Cattle Bureau of
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oxygen for their existence being termed aerobes while the ana
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lent services rendered by the State Veterinarian of Pennsylvania in pro
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embedded in a homogeneous gelatinous mass. Such a mass always
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Rules from the commission are more easily enforced than those issued by
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having been done entirely upon solicitation laws were enacted
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election followed and the President introduced him to the members present.
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taken during the last hour or so. In the Cafifrey cases where it
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works here since they deal especially with blastomycetic lesions
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The whole omentum was thickly studded with nodules from 2
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Fourteen such cases have been treated with protargol injections.
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and then not continuously at first. Two pairs of spectacles are
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safe when used either alone or as adjuvant therapy. Most of
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one half inch in diameter. It imparted an oily sensation to the
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this Society and that they be published in the Alumni Register
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recently sustained by the death of the late eminent veterinary surgeon
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striu lors who srqrervised all activity. Each volunteer
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objective signs are sufficient ground upon which to base a diag
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adult life. Exerci.se should be combinetl with other
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temporary instability w hich could be satisfied only
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Short horns. It was the largest collection of cattle of this class
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A recent poll of one of the most prosperous of the Western States
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cated in the text. The number indication of the top and
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prevalent in the neighborhood and this party told a number that
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of work which devolves on the Corresponding Secretary and proposed that
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recollections of boyhood days or a week s stay in the country in
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from i fat or a true hypertrophy of the gland. Causes i
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In this paper gentlemen I have not attempted to give in detail
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Beckett The American Veterinary College Dr. M. Bunker The
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tinge of hardness and elevated to 104 or 105 F. which will
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The President called the attention of the members to the fact that the
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Programs in continuing education are being developed in conjunction with
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The common aorta and the pulmonary artery are the only vessels
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showing cicatrices in the mouths of both where the ulcers had been.
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six months. To make the period one year would not even catch
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the surgeon or practitioner should keep accurate notes regarding
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mentally by directly depositing the virus on the surface of the
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A recent poll of one of the most prosperous of the Western States
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