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be affected. The patient complains of loss of smell and of the taste of

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marked later. These cases have been called " nephro-typhoid."

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affected by the same agency. The current of this fluid going to a leaf,

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or from the supplement to the advertisement of Dr. Brandreth's pUIS|

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cera, will be taken for granted ; at least with us, and, as we think, will

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process is five times more intense at one period of life than at another :

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of the muscle, and can be felt more readily during relaxation than during

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softened before the testis is attacked, the tubercles in the latter radiating

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being semi-tropical, and the other having a climate somewhat resembling

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since been found on other grasses, occurring widely in temperate climates.

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somexases a slight opacity, and sometimes there was a slight eflusion

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bones of the head, presenting inimitable strength in every direction, to-

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and the skin being steadied with the fingers of the left hand, an incision

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Milk may give rise to illness, either by being contaminated with

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This, in my estimation, was a case of false superfoetation, or extra*

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may be applied, and in extreme cases artificial respiration may be needed.

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ries that occur in practice, and which form the subject of these remarks.

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tioQ between this set of nerves, and the nerves governing the action of

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be applied by moving an .electrode down the spine (labile), or made to pass

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Review, from Dr. Corby n, by an arrival at this port on Saturday.

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the one case by a prolonged interval between the reception of the diseased

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mercantile transactions, when it comes to the matter of health, his dis-

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Certain individuals seem to have a neuralgic tendency, the slightest

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mation, when opposed by the attractions of the festive board, the seduc-

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bacillus pyocyaneus ; and Krehl obtained similar results in the case of

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Thyroid Gland. — The thyroid gland is uniformly enlarged except in cases of

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as having died of consumption ; and in another, the number who died

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cannot agree with those who hold that difference of climate makes no

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The appearance of the patient is worthy of attention. The face

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our places as soldiers, sailors, mechanics, merchants, etc., who will enter life

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is commenced by some, the diagnosis is so uncertain that some of the cases

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flushed and perspires freely. During one of these attacks I have counted as

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were imposed upon by knaves. Its wit is amusing, and the ractness oi

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