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cerebral abscess or meningitis cannot be recognised in the absence of

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namely, (1) that it is obviously irrational and improper unduly to

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in detail the two first cases operated on by M. Jobert, and it is easy to

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John Hunter, while apparently adhering to the view that pyaemia was

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instances by the migration of the leucocytes through the walls.

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It is obvious that we have here a useful indication for the treatment

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the medical department of Bowdoin College, at Brunswick, Me. This

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Fever, and Enteric," St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports, vol. ii. — 23. G. P. Tenxent

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alkalinity of the plasma may be increased or decreased. But over and

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with the cerebral functions, for example, the effect of the remedy

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in any stage of the disease, even in the prodromal period where such

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expiration takes place when the air of the cabinet is condensed, and the

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but the researches of Tyndall, Frankland, R. Angus Smith, and others

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It must be borne in mind, however, that Tiiuch greater care is required

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growth, and undergoing those secret changes of nutrition, by which its

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specific, that is, the serum of an animal rendered immune from a par-

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extirpation of the thyroid) must be attained in order that the sugar

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shiggish, dislikes to be moved, and even takes food unwillingly.

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a tube into the pharynx caused severe general spasm ; enemata of beef-

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whatever company he goes ; and the jealous wife may always have

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baths, to imitate sea-baths, can be made by adding about 10 lb. of sea

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considerably diminished during the last ten to fifteen years, owing to

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It seems unnecessary to do more than refer to the faucial affections of

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Loffler bacillus is the immediate cause of diphtheria.

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Spittal, of Edinburgh, stated in 1844 that Hippocrates described an

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but to exclude from the Journal all details in relation to somnambulism

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excess. The means of defence on the part of the organism are not so

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may elicit, from some abler pen than mine, contributions of real import-

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