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Fig. 22. Clubbed fingers (Dr. H. H. Mason). Fig. 23. Clubbed fingers (Dr. H. H. Mason).
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On August 1, 1956, Sharp & Dohme, the pharmaceutical and biological division of Merck & Co., Inc.,
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During the third stage ergot may be resorted to (^,) for the expulsion
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of typhoid fever. IndianaM. J., Indianap., 1891-2, x, 219. —
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cases of excessive muscular contraction, and often of heart-strain,
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4. The Journal will be open to the free and thorough discussion of all impor-
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As to the subsequent course, this differs in no essential
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more malignant the disease and the more depraved the bodily condi-
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124 Bodies found in Bos indicus by Castellani and Sturgess - - 337
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humanity would be the discovery of means for this end ! Is there not a
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Porter, A.M., M.D., and W. S. Pearsall, Ph.B., M.D.
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Art. VIII. — Remarks on the Treatment of Cholera. By Eichard
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