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dered sterile either by heat or by filtration through unglazed
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of investigations which yielded most striking and important results
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November 15 1899. On November 30th the animal was killed
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In an editorial some time ago the Norwich Bulletin declared that the federal
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its place among the few exact sciences of materia medica.
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flow of fluid by the kidneys and increases the excretion of urea. Combined
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student and practitioner of medicine and affiliated callings
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State Veterinarian is an officer of the college and Experiment Sta
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Veterinary Surgeon Desmond of Adelaide South Australia
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whom you may remember as replying to the famous paper of Dr.
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II. Knobil E. Pituitary growth hormone adventure in
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nated the work of doctors nurses and social workers
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cattle without finding an exception seems conclusive proof that
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trouble. Part of the pasture that these were in was a woods
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age. Professor Lidz draws upon the resources of all disciplines
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yet the older citizens recall the time when the above mentioned methods